Various Types of Land Surveys, and When You Need Them

People sometimes mistakenly assume that a land survey is only performed when the city is going to build new roads or perform other such construction work. This isn't quite true, as a land surveyor can be hired by a private property owner, and these professionals perform a variety of surveying services that you might need. Note a few of those surveys here so you know when you might need to call a land surveyor and why their services are so beneficial. Read More 

4 Retail Store Fit-Out Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

Granted, online stores have revolutionised the way consumers do their shopping. The convenience, ability to compare prices and reduced compulsive buying is unlike anything else that the Australian retail industry has witnessed. However, the time is ripe for brick-and-mortar stores to regain the glory they once had. However, it will only happen if retail fit-out contractors embrace current trends in the retail segment. Read on to find out what these trends are and how you can apply them during retail shop fittings to help keep your retail store in business. Read More 

3 Factors Which Affect Drone Photography Outcomes

Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are an invaluable tool for project owners who would like to keep abreast of how construction work is progressing at a site. This article discusses some of the key drone camera parameters which play a vital role in determining the quality of the aerial photos taken using a drone flying above the construction site. The Shutter Speed The shutter speed describes the duration within which light is allowed to enter the sensor of a camera. Read More 

Answering Your Questions About House Underpinning

Damage to any structure's foundation should never be overlooked, as a faulty foundation can cause a home or other building to lean, shift and settle, which then leads to cracks in the walls, ceilings and floors. In turn, your home might become very draughty, and you will be letting out your heating and cooling throughout the year, raising your utility bills. In severe cases, doors and windows might not even close as they should, and water may seep into the home's basement from those cracks in the foundation. Read More 

Two ways to keep labourers safe during a construction project

It is important for those who manage construction projects to take certain steps to keep their labourers safe. Here are two such steps. Be extremely careful when working with concrete Virtually all construction projects involve the use of concrete. This material is used to create the foundations of buildings, as well as to build walls. Concrete itself and the equipment that is used to cut and polish it can be quite dangerous. Read More