4 Retail Store Fit-Out Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

Granted, online stores have revolutionised the way consumers do their shopping. The convenience, ability to compare prices and reduced compulsive buying is unlike anything else that the Australian retail industry has witnessed. However, the time is ripe for brick-and-mortar stores to regain the glory they once had. However, it will only happen if retail fit-out contractors embrace current trends in the retail segment. Read on to find out what these trends are and how you can apply them during retail shop fittings to help keep your retail store in business.

Artificial Intelligence -- A common reason why shoppers walk out of a retail store without making a purchase is the lack of enough information about products on offer. In most cases, it is caused by lack of enough floor personnel to answer customers' queries. And even when they can address client concerns, retail personnel can only handle so many people at a time. Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing all this. Major retail stores are now fitting AI machines in strategic positions to help with information dissemination to customers. The devices can provide comprehensive product information, including how-to-use instructions. With AI technology being part of a retail store's fit-out setting, the quality of service delivery will only improve.

Interactive Retail Displays – Traditionally, the way consumers used to interact with products before buying them was a physical inspection. For instance, if clients saw an outfit they liked, they would have to go down to the store and try it on. With interactive retail store displays, physical inspection of products is no longer necessary. Customers can go through thousands of products at the swipe of their fingers and even read reviews that have been posted by other clients. Interactive retail displays ensure that customers buy products that have been tried and tested by fellow consumers. Additionally, interactive exhibits allow retail stores that do not have the luxury of expansive space to save room for inventory.  

Higher Ceilings -- Retail stores can get crowded. Even the most expansive stores do get crowded. In such situations, consumers can feel somewhat claustrophobic and spend little time inside the store. To curb the situation, retail stores owners are raising ceilings of their stores to create a perception of freedom that customers love.

Mimicking Natural Environment -- Bringing the outside environment indoors is an emerging trend in retail store business. Customers are slowly becoming non-receptive to the artificial climate inside conventional retail stores. For instance, incorporating shelves made from natural but unfinished wood can create a physical environment that customers will appreciate.