5 Advantages of Using Epoxy Coatings to Protect the Concrete Floor of Your Warehouse

You might assume that the concrete floor of your warehouse is more or less invulnerable to damage, and the tremendous strength and durability of concrete floors certainly makes them well suited for warehouse flooring. However, even the most formidable concrete floor can be worn down and degraded by the intense foot traffic and wear and tear created by the average warehouse environment, and many warehouse owners and operators seek to give their floors and extra layer of protection. Read More 

Why It’s Important to Choose the Right Type of Engineer for Your Upcoming Project

If you've got a major construction project ahead and you're starting with a clean sheet of white paper, the first thing you need to do is surround yourself with relevant experts. This can be a confusing proposition as it's difficult to know what type of engineer, for example, you should choose based on your criteria. You do need to think carefully at this stage of proceedings, as an incorrect decision could end up costing you down the line. Read More 

Common Transport Mediums Used in Australia

Transport refers to the movement of either people or goods from one place to the other through the use of various mechanisms. Below is an analysis of some of the most commonly used transportation mediums in Australia. Trains – Trains are a perfect option when it comes to long-distance travelling. They are more comfortable than buses and provide a unique experience on the rails. Many of the short distance train services in the country are run and managed by state rail bodies. Read More 

4 Questions You Need to Answer Before Contracting a Land Surveyor

The success of your building project depends on contracting the services of a land surveyor. You do not want to run into trouble when the person living on the next piece of land takes you to court for trespassing on their property. However, you need to take precautions when selecting a land surveyor. Below are several questions that you need to answer before signing an agreement with a land surveyor: Read More 

Marina Design and Construction: Comparing Your Boat Docking Options

Dock construction for your marina is a large-scale project. Therefore, you must plan extensively before beginning the building work to ensure the successful completion of the feature. In general, there are numerous factors that you must evaluate in relation to dock construction. The most critical aspect is the type of docking that you will install in your marina. Your choice will affect the performance, durability and the total cost of the structure. Read More