Two situations in which construction contractors might need to use directional drilling services

Here are two situations in which those carrying out construction projects might need to use directional drilling services.

The construction work requires underground pipelines to be installed in a densely-populated urban area

If a contractor needs to fit underground pipelines in a densely-populated urban area, they may need to use the services of a directional drilling company to help them. The reason for this is that in this type of built-up area, there will be a lot of roads, utility lines, buildings and other structures already in place. As such, if a contractor were to install pipelines by creating an open excavation or trench, this construction work could cause major disruption to those residing, working and travelling through the area. Furthermore, the creation of a large excavation in this built-up area could increase the risk of existing infrastructure being damaged. For example, a big excavation could reduce the structural stability of the nearby ground on which other buildings are positioned, which could, in turn, cause structural issues within these buildings.

If a contractor in this situation used directional drilling services, they could avoid these issues. If for example, they needed to fit pipelines under a road, they wouldn't have to dig a large excavation on the road that might result in the road having to be closed for a long time and undergo major repairs afterward. Instead, the directional drilling team could use their drilling rig to create an opening on one side of the road where they could make the wellbore, and then insert the pipeline infrastructure through this wellbore. This would minimise the time the road has to be closed for and greatly reduce the repair work that would have to be done to it after the pipelines have been installed.

The construction work requires cabling or pipelines to be installed in a place where disruption to the local ecosystem must be minimised

A contractor might also use directional drilling services in instances where they need to fit underground cabling or pipelines in a place where they must minimise the effects their work will have on the local ecosystem. Some examples of the areas in which this might be necessary include nature reserves, wildlife habitats or wetlands.

Because a directional drilling company would only need to create one relatively small opening in the ground before drilling through the underground soil to establish a wellbore and fit the cabling or pipelines, they would not need to destroy lots of natural structures like trees or drain the local bodies of water, in the way that a contractor might need to if they chose to fit the cabling by creating an excavation. The use of directional drilling methods in this situation could also eliminate the risk of sediment runoff polluting the bodies of water in the area (this is a common environmental concern associated with the digging of excavations). 

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