How To Plan For A Shop Fit-Out

Shop fit-outs keep your business profitable and help improve the functionality of your retail space. When conducting a shop fit-out, the general principle is to make adequate preparations to prevent oversights that could compel you to conduct expensive repairs. Below is an extract with some tips on how to plan a shop fit-out.

Check the Lease Agreement

You could be shocked to learn that your landlord prohibits shop fit-outs. If they do, you will find this information in the lease agreement. The rule is to read the contract to establish if you have to meet some conditions as you fit out the retail space. For example, some landlords prohibit you from making alterations to structural features or disconnecting utility lines. Moreover, the contract could prohibit you from using noisy equipment as you shop-fit the space. 

Hire a Contractor

A shop-fitting contractor is your best bet when upgrading the retail space. Nevertheless, vet several contractors to ensure they are fit to execute the project. These pointers should help you when hiring a shopfitting contractor; 

  • Visit some of their projects and ask them to send a portfolio to assess their work quality and the authenticity of their designs.
  • Shop-fitting is a collaborative process between the client and shopfitter. Consequently, the professional should display perfect people skills.
  • Examine the shop-fitter's working schedule to determine if they can complete the project within a short deadline.
  • Review the shopfitter's contract to establish the lengths they go to protect their clients' interests. For example, their work should have a guarantee. Moreover, the contractor must take a general liability policy.
  • If you run an eco-friendly business, the contractor should integrate sustainability into the construction process. For instance, some contractors recycle materials while others use eco-friendly building materials. 

Design the Fit-out

Why do you need a shop fit-out? The answers to this question should help you and the contractor design the new space. For instance, it could be you need to keep up with your competition since you feel that you are losing clients to businesses with appealing spaces. If this is the case, the contractor should modernise the space with lighting, wallpapers, new furniture, and live plants. Besides, they could declutter the space and pull down some walls to make the area look spacious. If you need to improve your sales, the contractor could include displays and set up strategic points of sale to woo customers to buy your products. After the consultation, the fit-out contractor should send you several designs. Choose your preferred design and make improvements before the contractor begins renovation work.