What You Need to Know About Construction Site Traffic Control

Traffic control is a vital aspect of construction site management. An effective traffic control system helps prevent site accidents and improves the efficiency of your workforce. The excerpt below details the elements of an effective traffic control system and the considerations to make when hiring a traffic control service for your construction site. 

Elements of a Traffic Control System

An effective traffic control system should prevent outside interferences, improve visibility and control the movement of vehicles. Read on to learn a bit more about these three elements. 

1. Prevent Outside Interferences

Once construction works begin, there is a high probability that curious passers-by will want to know what is going on in the site. These people do not know the location of site hazards and the various site safety protocol. They are likely to suffer accidents and file third-party compensation suits against the contractor and owner. These incidents can be avoided by barricading the site and erecting "no entry" signs. Additionally, inform oncoming traffic of heavy trucks turning at the site. If possible, you should have someone to control traffic as trucks access the site. 

2. Improve Visibility

Warning signs are one of the most effective ways to improve site visibility. These warning lights will inform your personnel of site hazards such as pits or falling items risks. If your site is functional 24/7, install adequate lighting to ensure the roads are visible at night. Roads should be well marked to prevent confusion. Ideally, the roads should be such that vehicles coming into the site do not meet with those leaving the site. 

3. Control The Movement Of Vehicles

Ideally, you should minimise vehicle traffic at the site to ensure plant equipment have an adequate turning area. For instance, you could designate a parking lot for your personnel to ensure they do not drive their vehicles to the working areas. Empty trucks and plant equipment that are not in use should be parked at designated parking areas and not left abandoned at the site.  

Hiring a Traffic Control Service

Below are some considerations to make when hiring a traffic control service: 

  • Inquire about the service provider's experience. For instance, determine whether they have worked on a similar site. It is an essential consideration when putting up commercial and industrial complexes with lots of traffic.
  • Assess the company staff's qualifications. Ideally, they should have a certificate in traffic control.
  • Inquire about their availability. Remember that traffic controllers will have to work at night and during the weekends.
  • Assess the company's equipment. For instance, they should have warning signs, walkie-talkies, safety jackets, traffic light systems, barricades, and cones. 

When initiating a traffic control system at your site, use these tips. Contact local traffic control services to learn more.