Major Factors to Think Through When Designing Your New Kitchen Space

The kitchen is the hub of almost every home. It is one of the rooms of the home where household members spend the most active time in every day. Many modern kitchens are part of an open-plan living arrangement. This trend influences the design of the kitchen. When it comes to designing a kitchen, a lot of people focus too much on the aesthetic of the room, and not enough on its functionality. Read More 

3 Key Applications for Built-In Wardrobes

For new homeowners, arranging the bedrooms is not often an easy task. You have to consider many things ranging from the right type of furniture to their positioning. This is where your design ideas come into play, and while you might not be an interior designer, a little bit of research should inform you that built-in wardrobes go a long way in solving most of the issues new homeowners face. Unlike traditional standalone wardrobes, built-in wardrobes are part of the overall home design; therefore, not an afterthought. Read More