5 Key Benefits of Pine Framing

Pine is one of the most versatile and affordable types of wood. It's widely used in the construction process for flooring, fencing, and framing. It has the required strength to provide the necessary support for residential frame constructions. While it's a strong wood, it's also a softwood, which makes it incredibly malleable, not to mention easy to work with. If you're looking for the right solution for your residential house, pine framing is the way to go. Continue reading for 5 benefits of pine framing. 

Pine Is Renewable 

As the demand for pine increases, it's continually planted to meet the demand without affecting the environment and the aesthetic appeal of pine plantations negatively. With an increase in its popularity, more plantations are being established to meet the demand for pine. It's also highly available since it's mostly harvested from plantations that are regulated. 

Pine Is Affordable

You won't break the bank when you choose pine framing as you would if you opted for other materials. However, you'll also not compromise on quality, just because it's affordable. Found naturally and in abundance, pine is quite inexpensive. This will bring your entire construction cost down. Treated pine is a little more expensive, but it is a worthy investment since it preserves your frame and keeps it from rotting.

Pine Resists Decay and Rot

When you choose pine framing, you don't have to worry about natural processes of degradation like rot and decay. It is pressure-treated to resist any decay and rot at a cost, which is a worthy investment. Some types of pine are naturally resistant. However, using the treatment is a more effective and permanent solution. You can ask your constructions contractor to ensure the treatment doesn't contain harmful chemicals. 

Pine Has a Natural Aesthetic

Pine is naturally aesthetically pleasing, so you need to do very little to make it attractive. If you choose pine for your framing, you can easily decide to expose some of the beams used in the framing as part of your aesthetic design. This will add some texture and warmth to the entire space without the use of any additives. Pine has a great natural pattern and grain, making it a top choice for your home's framing. 

Pine Is Easy To Work With

Pine is a great wood to work with. It's easy to cut, stain and carve compared to other available natural materials. This reduces the amount of time required per project. Pine also has a high acceptance of nails. You will not require to pre-drill holes to put in your nails.

If you're looking for a great option for your home, go with pine framing. This will allow the construction contractor to enjoy working with a malleable type of material, and you to enjoy an aesthetically appealing and durable option. 

To learn more about pine framing, reach out to a local general contractor.