Six Trends In Bathroom Tiles

Keeping up with the trends is important when it comes to designing your bathroom. Bathroom tiling is a great way to add style and edge to your bathroom. When picking out the right bathroom tile, you will want to use the latest and trendiest tiles for your bathroom. Here are some of the trends in bathroom tiles that you can look out for:

1. Glazed Ceramic Wall Bathroom Tiles

They have a wide range of color options and textures. They are often used to create feature walls because they can add an artistic touch to your bathroom.

2. Digital Print Bathroom Tiles

This is a new development in tile technology. With digital printing, it is possible to produce unique designs and patterns on porcelain tiles by using specialized inkjet printers as well as digital images. It makes it possible to transform the look of your bathroom with just a few tiles. The best thing about this technology is that it gives you unlimited options when it comes to design, texture, and color.

3. Porcelain Wood Effect Bathroom Tiles

They are available in different finishes, shapes and sizes. The best thing about this type of tile is that it combines the beauty of wood with the practicality of porcelain tile making it ideal for high traffic areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. It also does not cost much to achieve this unique bathroom tile effect. 

4. Bold Patterned Bathroom Tiles

Forgo traditional and give your space a major update with bold patterned tiles. Whether you opt for large-scale geometric designs or intricate vintage-inspired patterns, these tiles will bring personality into any bathroom.

Bold patterns can lend an eye-catching appeal to an accent wall or floor and work with several different design styles. If you want to make a statement with your bathroom renovation, this is the way to go.

5. Muted Hue Bathroom Tiles

While bright colours are always fun and fresh, muted hues will add a subtler appeal to your space. Opt for cool blues and greys that will pair well with the typical white vanities and chrome hardware found in most bathrooms. Shades like dusty pink can also add a feminine touch without being too bold.

6. A Focal Wall With Feature Bathroom Tiles

 If you like the idea of using tiles in the bathroom, but don't want them to be overwhelming, consider using them on just one wall.

For a stunning bathroom, you could use larger format tiles for the main walls in neutral colours and then go bolder with feature tiles on the focal wall. This can have a dramatic effect, especially if you choose patterned or textured tiles. A feature floor can also be very effective, particularly with geometric patterns, and can have great impact when used with underfloor heating.

Bathroom tiles, like paint and any other aspect of interior design, are excellent ways to emphasise the individuality of a household. For more information on bathroom tiling and bathroom tile trends, chat with a friendly member of the team today.

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