Landscaping Under Trees: Are You Getting It Right?

Trees are essential components of any landscaping project. They bring numerous benefits to your garden, contributing positively to the natural environment and extending some of those benefits to the homeowner. You get pleasant shade from the tree and the beauty you desire in your garden. Some trees are sources of fruits and flowers. On the other hand, the trees benefit the environment by controlling things such as soil erosion. 

Landscaping around and under trees can be a significant challenge. The persistent shade and dampness trees create can make the area dry and devoid of plant cover. However, you can count on the following landscaping hacks to manage such situations:

Cover the Area With Ferns 

Ferns are among the few species of plants that can thrive in the environment created under an established tree. They not only do well in the persistent shade but also stand up to the dry soil conditions reminiscent of the base of a tree. Furthermore, ferns naturally feed on the leaf litter that accumulates at the base of a tree throughout all seasons. The litter provides a natural source of nutrients and mulch cover required by the ferns. 

Your best bet will be to go for a species of ferns that are native to your locality. They have all the attributes required of them to thrive anywhere you plant them in your garden. If possible, choose different species of ferns for the areas under your trees. Biodiversity is catchy to the eye and healthy for your garden. 

Convert the Area into a Seasonal Garden

The area under the trees in your garden is a good ground for experimenting with various kinds of flowers. Many species of flowers can stand up to the conditions underneath a tree with an excellent ability to grow under minimal light and water supply. Examples of such flowers include portulaca, agave, bougainvillea and lithops. In fact, varieties such as lithops can survive in rocky conditions. You will not worry about extending your loose gravel paving close to the base of the trees. The beauty of trying out various species of annual flowers is that it helps you identify those that work best for your garden. It is also a chance for a fresh look in your garden every year. 

Spread Groundcover under the Tree

Groundcover refers to plants meant for protecting bare and exposed soil from direct rainfall and wind. Landscaping plant suppliers near you have a variety of bushes, shrubs and grasses that you can use as a groundcover under a tree.