Answering Commonly Asked Questions About Foundation Repairs

The foundation of a structure is what determines whether the structure will stand tall for long. It should be made strong enough to support the whole structure and the kind of activities that are to be conducted in the structure. It is, therefore, important to have some knowledge about foundation cracks and how to go about foundation crack repairs.

Why Does Foundation Damage Occur?

It mostly occurs because of the different soil types available, especially clay soil. Some are weak and others are strong. Moisture is also not good for the foundation, and that is why moisture barriers are inserted. Earthquakes, drought, flooding and tree roots can also cause foundation damage.

Structural engineers are well aware of how to construct foundations that withstand or can remain strong and durable under the different soil type conditions. At times, it can be difficult to tell how weather or environmental conditions can affect the soil and the foundation itself. Strong soils can lose certain characteristics and become weak.

When a structural engineer is building the structure, he or she might consider that the soil is strong and, therefore, design a foundation suitable for strong soil. If the soil becomes weak because of environmental factors, the foundation starts getting damaged because it is not strong enough to sustain the effects of weak soil like sinking.

What Are the Signs of Foundation Damage?

The most common sign is the presence of vertical or horizontal cracks on exterior and interior foundation walls. If you also come across uneven floors, separations around windows and doors and displaced moulding, you could be having foundation problems.

What Should You Do?

Do not wait until it is too late. If you see any of the mentioned signs above, contact a foundation repair company to visit your home for inspection. Don't assume a minor sign, it can turn for the worst in no time. If you delay, various issues may arise. The minor problem could become worse over time, leading to irreversible damage (structure collapse) or high repair costs.

Remember that if a structure collapses, it may damage people's property and even cause injuries and death. If you are the owner of the collapsed structure, you will have lost your investment and be left with hefty fines to pay.

Is Foundation Repair Expensive?

This depends on the extent of the problem. You have to wait for the foundation repair company to conduct an inspection. If the problem is minor, you are lucky because you won't spend much. However, if the problem is major, you might have to spend much on complex repairs.