Two Risks Associated with Redecorating Your Office’s Bathroom Without Help from Tradespeople

Decorating your office's bathroom without the aid of a tradesperson who specialises in commercial painting and waterproofing could be disastrous. Here are two specific risks associated with taking on this project without professional help.

Your attempts at painting could go very wrong

Painting a bathroom is not as straightforward as painting other types of rooms, which is why it usually requires the involvement of a commercial painter. If you try to do this on your own, there could be a number of unwanted consequences.

For example, if you do not ensure that the humidity levels are extremely low in the bathroom when you begin painting, the paint that you put on the bathroom walls may not last very long, as the moisture on these walls could result in the paint not adhering them in the way that it is supposed to, which could then lead to it looking uneven or peeling off in large strips. This is something that simply would not happen if this task were carried out by a painter, as they would understand exactly which precautions to take to stop this from happening (such as, for instance, using a dehumidifier to remove the moisture from the air before they start painting).

This peeling, uneven paint could spoil the bathroom's appearance, which could be especially problematic if the bathroom in question is used by your clients, as it could leave them with an unfavourable impression of your premises.

You might have to pay to repair the damage caused by your poor waterproofing

Waterproofing is an essential part of any major bathroom renovation project, due to the fact that bathrooms produce far more moisture than other parts of a building. Sealing up this space with waterproofing chemicals ensures that this moisture does not travel to and damage other rooms.

However, it must be done by a tradesperson who is qualified to perform commercial waterproofing. Doing this task by yourself could spell disaster for your business. This is because it is all too easy to make mistakes when waterproofing if you are unused to carrying out this activity. You might, for instance, not apply a sufficiently thick coating of the waterproofing substance, in which case water might be able to penetrate it.

The resulting damage to the rest of your office space in the form of things like damp and mould would then have to be dealt with. Under normal circumstances, the cost of these repairs would be covered by your insurance company. However, when your insurance company finds out that the damage was caused by you choosing to do this job yourself instead of hiring a professional, they may reject your claim, in which case you would then have to pay for the repairs. If the damage is extremely serious and you cannot afford to pay for the repairs, you might have to either move to new premises or close your business.

Call a commercial waterproofing business for more information about how they can help you.