4 Reasons to Install Fascia Covers

If you're having some guttering replaced, and you have old wooden fascia boards on your roof, then you may want to think about adding fascia covers to these boards when your guttering goes up. These covers slot over existing boards to give them a new surface.

What are the benefits?

1. Spruce up Your Roof Trim

Your old wooden fascia boards may be in good condition, but they may have started to look a bit old and worn out. They'll stand out even more once your new guttering goes up. If you install fascia covers on top of the existing boards, then you make them look like new without having to take them down and replace them. The covers conceal cosmetic defects plus wear and tear.

2. Reduce Ongoing Maintenance

If your fascia boards are painted, then you need to touch them up every few years to keep them looking good. If you aren't happy doing height paintwork yourself, then you'll have to hire a tradie periodically to do this.

Fascia covers are made from materials like Colorbond steel and advanced plastics. They don't need any maintenance unless they get damaged. You also don't have to paint them. Once you pay for their installation, you probably won't have any other regular maintenance costs down the line.

3. Protect Original Fascia Boards

As old fascia boards age, they sometimes get affected by weather and exposure. They may change shape slightly and start to rot down. This prevents them from protecting the edges of your roof.

This damage may not be so bad right now that you need to pull the boards down and replace them, but it will only get worse in time. Fascia covers protect the underlying boards from the weather and give the edges of your roof extra protection.

4. Give Your New Guttering More Support

Your old fascia boards may not be able to cope with your new gutters. If the boards are starting to rot or move, then the gutters may not get the support they need. Fascia covers can help here by adding a more robust material to the front of the fascia boards.

If your fascia boards take a lot of maintenance work or if they are starting to look their age, then covers might be the answer. To find out more about how these covers work and what kind of materials and colours they come in, talk to fascia cover installation services.