What to Look into When Comparing Quotes for Scaffold Hire

Thinking of hiring scaffolding for working in high places but don't know how much your rental should cost? Although renting scaffolding is generally cheaper than buying similar equipment outright, the cost of rental for scaffolding typically varies from service to service. 

If you're looking to save on your scaffolding rental, you should get quotes from multiple service providers and compare them. But how can you choose the best quote? Consider the three factors discussed below.

The quality of scaffolding offered

Not all scaffolds are created the same. This access equipment is available in a range of construction material including wood, high-density polymers, concrete, aluminium and steel. As expected, scaffolding made of lower-quality materials like wood and high-density polymers are cheap to hire because they're designed to support less weight. On the other hand, scaffolds made of stronger and more durable materials like aluminium and steel are rented out at higher rates, while moderately strong scaffolds like concrete scaffolds may be moderately priced.

When comparing quotes, consider the quality of scaffolding offered and if it matches your maximum working weight limits.

The logistics involved in delivering the scaffolding to your site

Depending on the location of the scaffolding rental service, transporting the scaffolding equipment you need to your site can be a big challenge for you. If you're not in the business of transporting heavy cargo, you may need to seek out a service provider that can deliver the scaffolds you need to your site on time and pick them up when you're done working.

In this regard, choose a company that charges a reasonable fee for the transportation of your equipment to and from your site.

The need for expert installation and dismantling of the scaffolds

Aside from ensuring that people working on scaffolding are well-trained in the proper use of the equipment, it is important to ensure proper installation of the equipment for safe use. Once work has been completed, proper dismantling of the equipment is also essential to ensure everyone's safety.

If you don't have personnel trained in assembling and dismantling your scaffolding, you may benefit from a services of a company with staff that can handle such important tasks. That said, you may need to settle for a company that includes the cost of scaffold erection and tear-down in their quote.

Prioritising your project needs is key to selecting the best quote for your scaffold hire. In case you need help choosing the right quote, you can always consult a scaffolding hire company.