Improving the Curb Appeal of Your Timber Picket Fencing

Timber picket fences are one of the most common designs that homeowners will select for their home. Not only does this style add a classic charm to the overall appearance of your property, but timber is also a durable and widely available material. However, if you have seen one picket fence, you have probably seen them all. Thus, you may be looking for ways to make your picket fencing unique, hence giving your property some character. The following tips can come in handy in boosting the appeal of your timber picket fencing.

Cut designs right into the wood

Rather than having solid boards making your picket fence, you could consider cutting designs directly into the planks. You can draw inspiration for these cutouts from anything under the sun ranging from animals, to symmetrical shapes, plants and more. The cutout designs not only add visual interest to your picket fence, but they will also create unique shadows on your lawn when the sun is either rising or setting. One thing to keep in mind when making a choice of what to cut out would be to stick to one option so that the cutouts look well planned and tie in together.

Stencil patterns on the picket fence

If painting the boards is too labour intensive for your liking, you may want to consider stencils to change the appearance of your face. These stencils provide you with an easy way to create a design on your fence, without having great creative abilities. One of the designs that you could consider is ivy, as this will create the illusion of climbing plants on your picket fence.

Paint the picket boards different colours

A common characteristic about picket fences is that they are always white in colour. This white may give the picket fence a clean and classic appearance, but it may not be best for people who would like a unique fence. Instead of settling for white, you should consider painting the boards of the picket fence a different colour. For example, if the theme colour of your home is blue, you could have the boards painted white and blue to make the fence stand out while still complementing your residence. On the other hand, if you would like to create ambience with your fence, you could make your colour selection based on the mood you want for your property. For example, warmer hues such as yellow and orange would be ideal for a property exuding high energy.

Keep these tips in mind and use top quality fencing timber for an attractive picket fence.