Top 4 Handy Hints for Building a Veranda Successfully

Are you planning to add a verandah in your backyard? Before you take the plunge and construct a verandah, consider indulging in thoughtful planning. Doing it right will save you money and years of regret. Listed below are some handy tips on how to build great verandahs.

Pick the right section of the outdoor area to cover

Although this seems like a no-brainer, there is nothing worse than having an addition that looks uneven with the rest of the area. For most people, the back of the house is always the first option for outdoor entertainment. However, if you have an excellent view at the front of the house, consider it first. You can even consider either side of the house if you have more room. By taking a walk around your boundary, it will be easy to determine the more suitable place for installing a verandah.

Create the verandah layout

Most homes used to be constructed with a traditional verandah which wrapped around the house. In case you can afford it, or you have space, you may also consider this layout. But most homes today are bigger and that why homeowners are opting for the designs that don't include verandahs.

An expert designer can help you design an excellent verandah layout. But if you choose to do it yourself, mark down all the existing structures on a sheet of paper (graph). Measure out the distance from the wall and decide the size of the yard you would want to lose. Consider being creative and think outside the box.

Set a budget and work within it

If you plan to build a pergola, verandah or to extend the patio area, it's important for you to know the amount of money you will spend beforehand. As you do your budget and sums, make sure you include every detail. For instance, a bag of nails might seem like a small item, but it can completely change your budget if you need several bags. Consider the timber packs, sheets of iron, awnings or any other materials you will need for construction. You can research online to get cost estimates--this will help you budget effectively for all the expenses you will incur on the project.

Pick high-quality materials

As you choose your materials, try to visit local experts as well as your friends and neighbours to know their experiences. Since Australia experiences unique climatic conditions, it's better to go for strong brands that have a proven reputation.