Various Types of Land Surveys, and When You Need Them

People sometimes mistakenly assume that a land survey is only performed when the city is going to build new roads or perform other such construction work. This isn't quite true, as a land surveyor can be hired by a private property owner, and these professionals perform a variety of surveying services that you might need. Note a few of those surveys here so you know when you might need to call a land surveyor and why their services are so beneficial.

Boundary survey

As the name implies, a boundary survey notes the actual edges and corners of a piece of property. This type of survey is often done to settle disputes between neighbours, but you might also need this survey done before you can obtain certain building permits, as many areas will have laws and building codes about how close certain outbuildings or even trees can be placed to a residential boundary. A boundary survey will mark those edges precisely, so your construction work can proceed within those legal limits. You might also need a boundary survey before you can erect a fence on your property to ensure it's installed along the boundary itself and doesn't encroach on your neighbour's property. 

Floodplain survey

A floodplain survey notes the elevation of land and its overall topography to determine the risk of a flood. In some cases, a mortgage lender might require flood insurance for a property if they believe the home is at risk of flooding; a homeowner might then have this type of survey performed if they believe their home is not at risk and that they shouldn't be required to purchase this insurance. 

In other cases, a homeowner might have this survey done to note if their home is at risk of a flood so they can purchase this type of insurance coverage, even if it's not required by a mortgage lender! A homeowner might also want to erect a retaining wall or add other such protection to their property if a floodplain survey notes an elevated risk of flooding. 

Lot split survey

If you own a large parcel of land and want to split that parcel into more than one lot, a survey is often needed to determine the actual boundaries of both lots and to denote the legal title and description of those lots. This allows you to have any needed titles and other such paperwork that is required for vacant lots before they can be sold.