Why You Should Hire a Land Surveyor

Boundary lines are a common source of disputes among many neighbours. The landowners may disagree on where a particular boundary line passes, and sometimes may both claim to be owners of the same land or part of it. Hiring land surveyors in such instances is necessary to solve the disputes. Let's look at examples of cases in which you may need to seek the services of a land surveyor.

1.    Buying property

Buying a piece of land is a significant investment. You should, therefore, know everything there is to know about the property. Most importantly, you need to verify the actual size of the property you are purchasing. Knowing where the boundaries are is crucial; even small distances can make a significant difference in the overall value of the property.

2.    Fencing

Fencing is one of the most common boundary line disputes because that is where fences are erected. Building a fence on another person's property can get you in trouble including litigation. You should always engage a surveyor before erecting a fence in cases where you aren't sure where the boundary lines are.

3.    Buildings and other improvements

The survey will assess the buildings and any alterations and repairs to certify that they don't violate any set laws or restrictions concerning height, dimensions, bulk, frontage, setbacks, building lines and parking. Surveyors can also tell you whether your latest improvements violate the said laws and restrictions thus putting you on notice.

4.    Utility location

Land surveyors will inform you of the existence of any undergrounds cables, lines, vaults or drains. There are two reasons why this information is crucial: First, knowing where the underground utilities will be helpful before commencing any construction or excavation. Secondly, the utility companies may have the right to use part of your property for maintaining the utility lines.

5.    Obtaining a mortgage

A mortgage company will demand an up-to-date survey before agreeing to lend you money. It is a precautionary measure aimed at protecting their assets. They need to make sure the land or buildings they are lending money for are the same as those described in the documents. They also want to ensure there are no problems in case they have to foreclosure.

There are some people who might see the hiring land surveyors as an unnecessary cost. However, it can save you a lot of time and money. It will avoid unnecessary disputes and protect you from costly litigation.