Construction Site Sanitation: Three Essential Guidelines on Planning for Portable Toilets

Building permanent toilets on your construction site for the duration of the project is not a cost-efficient solution. Therefore, you should think about a portaloo hire for the comfort and convenience of your contractors and workers. Portable loos will ensure that the worksite remains sanitary without compromising your budget. If you are planning on renting these units for the first time, you should consider the outlined guidelines on preparing for ideal results:

Consider the Number of Workers

When planning on acquiring portable toilets, you should think about the total number of workers. In simple terms, you should calculate the potential population of people who will be on the worksite at any one point. This issue is crucial in determining the number of units that you should procure from your portable loos supplier. For the best results, you should discuss the details of the worker number with your contractor. In some cases, subcontractors and temporary workers might be on the site, increasing the total population significantly. It is essential to account for these additional people to avoid unexpected stress on the units.

Choose the Correct Toilets

There are numerous types of portable toilets in the market, and the options can be overwhelming. If you would like to choose the correct loos, you should evaluate and compare the units before making a decision. An objective assessment of the potential needs will help you set up a reliable sanitation block. You should remember that hiring toilets for construction sites are not the same as choosing units for corporate events. The latter emphasises on aesthetic appeal. On the other hand, construction sites require functional toilets which can withstand heavy usage. Ideally, the structure of the bathroom should be sturdy to prevent damage, the floors should be non-slip, and the flush-tank should be recirculating. Also, you should ensure that the individual units are spacious and well-ventilated.

Plan for Proper Placement

Finally, you should plan for the proper placement of the portable toilets. If the units are not installed in a convenient location, you might experience problems related to worker productivity and maintenance of the loos. In general, the toilets should be relatively close to the worksite for convenient access by workers, but they should not be in a place which will interfere with construction and movement. Also, the setup should be accessible by the sanitation service trucks for pumping, cleaning and maintenance. If you are uncertain about the right area to install your portable toilets, you should consult your supplier for guidance.