Timber Supplies – What Residential Flooring Options Can You Consider?

Timber supplies have an intrinsic ability to inject warmth into your home. Thus, they remain one of the classic flooring options for homeowners. Nonetheless, the first thing to bear in mind when looking to re-floor your residence with timber is that not all solutions are created equal. You need to know what the different alternatives available to you are plus their pros and cons so you can make an informed decision on what would work best in your home. This article will give you an insight as to which timber flooring solutions that you could consider in an attempt to aid your decision on what would be ideal for your needs.

Hardwood timber

This type of timber flooring is manufactured using solid wood that has been milled from the same tree species. Therefore, you will find hardwood flooring is available in varying colours and grain patterns depending on their source. Some DIY enthusiasts may contemplate installing this type of flooring on their own, but it is best advised to seek professional services.

The reason why professional installation would be suitable is that hardwood timber needs to first acclimatise to your environment. Therefore, the professionals will not install it immediately. Secondly, the hardwood flooring needs to be adequately laid to prevent inconsistencies such as warping and buckling occurring with time.

The hardwood timber can be installed directly on the floor or adhered to a subfloor using adhesives or nails. Hardwood timber flooring would require rigorous maintenance in the form of sanding, staining and sealing to keep it visually pleasing.

Engineered timber

Aso known as floating timber, this form of timber flooring is installed via a locking system rather than being nailed to the ground. The engineered wood itself is a favourite for numerous homeowners who may not be able to keep up with a rigorous care schedule as it offers hassle-free maintenance.

This kind of timber supply gets its name from the fact that it comprises more than just natural timber. Instead, it is made up of layers of hardwood timber that have been joined to plywood. Hence, it will be more economical than its hardwood counterparts are. Moreover, engineered timber is prefinished in the factory, which facilitates faster and easier installation as its surface is ready for use.

Another major benefit of engineered timber flooring is that it does not require the floor to be prepped beforehand. Once you get your timber supplies, you can install them directly onto any floor surface ranging from unfinished concrete to tile flooring.

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