Safe and Secure: Keep Your Business Safe with a Master Key System

As a business owner, you have so many things to think about on a daily basis that it can sometimes feel like none of them has your full attention.  However, one area you should absolutely save space and time for is security.  While every other aspect of your business can fall into place or be delegated to other employees, keeping your business secure in every regard is so important that it's something you should be willing to fully oversee yourself.  There are, of course, many different aspects of security to maintain, but perhaps the most immediate and pressing is the physical security of your business premises.


With many different employees coming and going, it can be difficult to ensure that only those with the correct authorisation enter your business.  This gets especially difficult when you take into account the many different areas of your business that must be locked separately – supply closets, petty cash, payroll, warehouses, and high-level offices.  Unless you have staff keeping an eye on every door at any given time, which is effectively impossible, then you'll need assistance from some hardware.

Basic Solutions

Locking every door with the same key is convenient, allowing you to simply press several copies of the same key.  Unfortunately, this almost puts you back at square one.  It may prevent non-employees from walking into every room in your building, but employees can still move about unrestricted.  While you certainly should feel you can trust your employees, security systems should be expressly designed not to require trust.  Otherwise, they're self-defeating.  Equally, all it takes is for one staff member to mislay their key or have it stolen, and then the entire business is compromised.  Security code access presents a similar problem; once the code is shared, there's no way to control the transfer of that information.

Balance Convenience and Security

There is one solution that offers both high-level security and convenience for you and your staff – and that is a master key system.  Separate individual keys are used for the different access points, allowing you to share those keys with the staff members who require them.  Then, master keys can be presented to a small number of trusted staff members, which can open any of the locks.  Or you can simply hold the master key yourself.  This means that the loss of the supply cupboard key does not present a major security concern and that everybody can still get where they need to be in the building on a daily basis.

Having master keys installed will require an overhaul of your current system, and it may be pricier than simply switching out one or two locks.  However, it's a permanent and effective solution for your security, giving you peace of mind to continue focusing on the rest of your business's requirements.  On that basis, it's well worth the upgrade.