Metal Roofing Solutions for Your Property

The thought of metal roofing may make some homeowners visualise industrial structures that look bleak and foreboding. And although metal roofing is a staple for industrial facilities, this does not mean that it cannot enhance residential kerb appeal. Over the years, metal roofing supplies have been designed with aesthetics in mind to ensure they offer a stylish roofing solution for properties. Additionally, you have the option of selecting from different metals depending on what your visual preferences are as well as the flexibility of your budget. Metal roofing may prove to be more expensive than other materials in the market, but they do provide you with exceptional advantages to make up for this initial purchase price. Here are top metal roofing solutions you could choose for your property.

Steel roofing

One of the more resilient metal roof supplies that you could invest in is stainless steel. This material has the capacity to resist a myriad of weather elements ranging from hail, gale winds, heavy precipitation and even snow. Another added benefit of steel roofing is its innate fire resistance, making it a safe option for people that may live in parts of Australia that are susceptible to bushfires. Steel roofing supplies are available in a range of colours, so homeowners who may not like the silver surface can be assured of getting a scheme to suit their overall residential theme.

The main drawback of steel roofing is that it has a predisposition of succumbing to corrosion. Therefore, it is crucial for homeowners that choose this material to make sure it is galvanised before installation and sealed once it has been fitted on your structure. 

Copper roofing

If cost is not a deciding factor for you when choosing metal roof supplies, copper would be an excellent option to invest in. When compared to other metallic roofing supplies, copper has an unmatched visual appeal that is guaranteed to complement any style of home. In addition to this, copper is one of the more lightweight metal supplies, which translates into easy handling of the material and hassle-free installation.

Copper is highly resistant to elemental damage, and as it ages, it will develop a protective patina on its surface. This patina adds a rustic charm to your roofing, giving your property a unique and desirable appearance. Overall, there is barely any discernible disadvantages associated with copper other than its expensive cost, which it is sure to make up for by serving you for decades to come.

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