Asphalt Pavements: Maintaining Your Driveway and Extending Its Lifespan

Asphalt pavements have an attractive appearance. Therefore, you should consider selecting this material if you are planning on building a residential driveway. Also, the surface has good performance properties such as high strength and durability. In general, asphalt surfaces are low-maintenance surfaces in comparison to some alternatives. However, once you install your driveway, you cannot afford to neglect the new structure. Inadequate upkeep practices will cause the decline in appeal and decreased structural lifespan. Here are some practical tips to help you in the proper care and maintenance of asphalt driveways.

Reduce the Total Loads Handled

One of the common causes of accelerated degradation of asphalt driveways is the handling of heavy loads. In simple terms, if your surface is exposed to high pressure and impact on a regular basis, you will notice cracks and dents forming. Therefore, if you would like your structure to last longer, you should minimise the amount of loads passing through the pavement. For instance, you should reduce the incidences in which the garbage truck or delivery vehicles use the road. These commercial vehicles handle a lot of weight and can cause destruction. You should consider taking your trash out and picking up most of your merchandise.

Manage Drainage Issues

Numerous driveways fail prematurely because of constant exposure to water during the rainy season. Therefore, if your asphalt driveway has been experiencing flooding or water retention, you should resolve the problem immediately. In general, when water is allowed to stagnate on asphalt, the moisture begins to seep into the structure. The trapped moisture will expand and contract, causing cracks. Also, the water could ruin the foundation of the road. You should consult an experienced contractor for the examination and resolution of the drainage problems. For instance, the installation of an under drain or drain inlet will resolve most standing water issues.

Perform Immediate Repairs

Finally, you should perform immediate repairs on your asphalt driveway if you identify abnormalities. Often, this type of surface fails completely because the small initial problems were not resolved immediately. For example, small cracks might not seem like a big deal at the beginning. However, they will gather dirt and experienced mechanical stress due to normal usage. Over time, the cracks will expand and the asphalt will experience large fracture. If this occurs, you will have to replace or resurface the entire driveway which can be an expensive undertaking.

If you are uncertain about the best way to resolve asphalt pavement problem, consult your experienced and licenced contractor for professional guidance.