Pertinent Questions before Engaging Demolition Services

Although house demolition may not be something that has ever crossed your mind, the reality is several circumstances may push you to have to resort to demolition services.  From termite infestations to fire damage, this delicate procedure may be necessary either to salvage part of your residence or to give you the chance to construct a new structure from the ground up. Since demolition is not something that many homeowners are familiar with, it is critical to familiarise yourself with what you should expect. The following are some of the pertinent questions that you should ask your contractors before engaging their demolition services.

Question 1: Is complete demolition the only viable option?

A surprising fact about demolition is that you do not need to raze the entire structure if part of it is salvageable. In any case, complete demolition of the building tends to be a secondary option resorted to only if the structure would not be feasible to reconstruct. Thus, before engaging in residential demolition, it is critical to inquire from the contractors what the extent of the demolition would be. Other than determining the cost of the demolition process, the scope of the demolition would also influence an assortment of factors such as your permit applications, the impact on the environment and more.

Question 2: What happens to hazardous materials?

One aspect of residential demolition that you should keep in mind is that the discovery of hazardous materials in the structure is a possibility. If your residence was built several decades ago, there is the likelihood of asbestos being present in some of the building supplies. Therefore, it is crucial to ask your contractors whether they are also qualified environmental remediation professionals. This qualification would ensure the safe elimination of any hazardous materials that could pose a safety risk to your loved ones or the environment.

Question 3: Are local council permits essential?

Whenever there is a construction project being carried out, chances are you would have to seek permission from your local council. This permission is granted through permits that you would have to pay for. It is therefore recommended to consult with your demolition contractors on which permits would be prudent before the demolition project can start. Secondly, you should also inquire about who will be tasked with applying for these permits. Most demolition contractors would include the permit application on your behalf as part of the service, but it is best to be sure beforehand. Take note that permit application processes can take a long duration to be processed, so this should be factored into your demolition timeline.