5 Advantages of Using Epoxy Coatings to Protect the Concrete Floor of Your Warehouse

You might assume that the concrete floor of your warehouse is more or less invulnerable to damage, and the tremendous strength and durability of concrete floors certainly makes them well suited for warehouse flooring. However, even the most formidable concrete floor can be worn down and degraded by the intense foot traffic and wear and tear created by the average warehouse environment, and many warehouse owners and operators seek to give their floors and extra layer of protection.

Epoxy concrete protective coatings are ideal for these purposes, and can bestow a number of benefits on your warehouse floor when properly installed. Here are just some of the advantages epoxy coating your floors can bring to your warehouse operations:

1. It's Durable

Bare concrete floors are hardly fragile, but applying a layer of epoxy coating to their surfaces gives them a valuable extra layer of protection. This extra layer helps to prevent dangerous divots and tracks being worn in the concrete by foot traffic, forklifts etc., and protects the concrete beneath against heavy impacts that may otherwise cause it to shatter and crumble. 

Epoxy coatings are also highly resistant to a variety of chemicals, from strong acids to motor oil and harsh cleaning chemicals. This quality is extremely valuable for protecting the concrete beneath from corrosive chemicals, as concrete is quite chemically reactive and absorbs corrosive liquids readily due to its porous nature.

2. It's easy to maintain

As previously mentioned, epoxy concrete coatings can shrug off the harshest cleaning chemicals; their smooth, non-porous surfaces also prevent liquids and particulate matter from becoming ingrained in the epoxy surface. As such, epoxy-coated concrete floors can be kept spotlessly clean with very simple cleaning equipment and procedures, a particularly valuable quality for warehouses that must be kept sanitary (such as warehouses stocking food items of pharmaceuticals).

3. It's fire resistant

Unlike other concrete floor coating choices, epoxy coatings are highly fire resistant, and will only ignite when subjected to the most extreme temperatures. This makes them very valuable for fire safety, and prevents isolated fires from spreading rapidly and causing catastrophic damage.

4. It's affordable

Epoxy coatings tend to be less expensive than some other concrete coating options, such as polyaspartic coatings. They are particularly cost-effective when used to coat the floors of larger warehouses, and their fast drying/curing time minimises costly downtime while you wait for your coating to be installed.

5. It can be textured

While many epoxy concrete coatings are smooth (and therefore easily cleaned), textured varieties are also available. These are a little more difficult to maintain, but their rough surfaces provide valuable extra traction for workers and vehicles passing overhead. They are particularly prized in warehouses that make heavy use of forklifts and other vehicles, as a skidding, out-of-control forklift can lead to expensive damages very quickly.