Common Transport Mediums Used in Australia

Transport refers to the movement of either people or goods from one place to the other through the use of various mechanisms. Below is an analysis of some of the most commonly used transportation mediums in Australia.

Trains – Trains are a perfect option when it comes to long-distance travelling. They are more comfortable than buses and provide a unique experience on the rails. Many of the short distance train services in the country are run and managed by state rail bodies. Such bodies can either be a representation of the government or a private fraternity. Australia has four main railway links. These include the Queensland Rail which operates at high speeds between Cairns and Brisbane. There is also the Great Southern Rail which plies the Indian Pacific as well as the Ghan. The country has the NSW TrainLink that works from Sidney to places such as Canberra, Brisbane and Melbourne. Lastly, there are the V/Line trains which operate inside Victoria. Such trains provide a link with buses that can be used to make connections to ACT, South Australia as well as NSW.

Bicycles – Australia gives a lot of options for cyclists all around the country. These include the many bike paths which can be used to get around the busy towns as well as the well-built country roads. The terrain is also excellent making the entire riding experience to be enjoyable. There are several things that one has to consider when looking to cycle around the country. These include the weather, road regulations as well as bike hire.

  1. Weather – When riding a bicycle, one has to be aware of the weather. For example in summer, it is essential to carry plenty of water due to the dehydration caused by the heat. It is also imperative to use a helmet and sunscreen to prevent the effects of facial sunburns.
  2. Regulations – When riding a bike, it is critical to consider the many legal regulations provided by the authorities. One of the most mandatory rules is the use of helmets. It is also essential to learn all the traffic rules associated with biking to prevent any road confusion. The bike should be fitted with white front lights as well as red rear lights to promote night visibility.
  3. Bike Hire – Hiring bikes in Australia is quite straightforward. It is, however, economical to consider purchasing your bike when you need to ride or longer periods.