4 Questions You Need to Answer Before Contracting a Land Surveyor

The success of your building project depends on contracting the services of a land surveyor. You do not want to run into trouble when the person living on the next piece of land takes you to court for trespassing on their property. However, you need to take precautions when selecting a land surveyor. Below are several questions that you need to answer before signing an agreement with a land surveyor:

Are they registered with the authorities?

As a client, never compromise on the qualifications of a land surveyor. The career requires one to have specific skills and technical knowledge, and this requires several years of training. Upon successful completion of the course, a licence is issued that has to be renewed on a regular basis. Do not assume that just because a land surveyor has a large office, it means that all his licences are in order. You have the right to ask for the licence and then confirm with the local surveying authorities if it is legitimate.

Do they understand the nature of your project?

A successful project can only be undertaken when there is a proper understanding between you and the land surveyor. The surveyor should be able to understand the particular nature of the project that will be built on the land. The report will then determine whether the project can be successfully implemented. Suppose you want to build a residential building in a remote area and there is limited road access, the surveyor will point that out, and it will help you to make a decision.

Are you worried about the cost of contracting a land surveyor?

Price should never be a factor when you are selecting a land surveyor. Surveyors who are highly experienced are more expensive than beginners in the industry. You must, therefore, be willing to spend a few extra dollars to get the best surveyors in your area. However, when you are focused on reducing your overall costs, you can easily fall in the hands of a fraudster who can perform the same tasks at a lower fee. You will only discover at a later date that the surveyor failed to submit your documents to the authorities and the report that was issued is invalid.

What do past clients have to say about the particular surveyor?

Any negative feedback from past clients should be a sign to stay away. The work of surveyors is highly sensitive, and any mistakes can be costly to the owner of the land. You must ensure your selected surveyor has positive reviews regarding their work.