7 Tips for Preventing Theft From Your Carport

A carport can be a great alternative to a traditional garage, but unfortunately, these areas can be easier for thieves to access than traditional garages. If you want to keep the stuff in your carport as safe as possible, there are several options that can work. Try the following tips.

1. Invest in Lockable Storage Solutions

Just because your carport is open, doesn't mean that your storage areas also need to be open. Instead of using open metal shelves or pegboards like you might in a traditional garage, consider using storage solutions that you can lock.

In particular, you can get large closets, shelves with doors and chests that can be locked. They can hold anything from power tools to sport equipment.

2. Lock Cars

If you are worried about car theft, also make sure to lock your vehicle. If your car doesn't have a built in security system, consider adding an aftermarket one.

3. Put a Wheel Lock on Motorcycles

Motorcycles can be easier to steal than cars. As a result, you may want to put a wheellock on any motorcycles that you have. You may also want to invest in a hefty chain.

4. Chain Large Items to Something Permanent

Whether you are chaining up a motorcycle, a bicycle, a lawn mower or anything else, make sure the chain is connected to something relatively permanent. Otherwise, a clever thief  can take the item, the chain and whatever it's chained to. In that vein, chain things to part of the carport or to a metal anchor that's stabilised in concrete.

5. Invest in a Motion-Activated Light

Thieves tend to be deterred by light. Because of that, you may want to put a motion-activated light near the front or inside your carport. That way, if anyone approaches, they will be bathed in light, and most people aren't going to commit a crime if they think that they are easily visible to the homeowners and the neighbours.

6. Consider Security Systems

For extra security, you may also want to add a motion-activated security camera. If someone does take anything, at least you will have video footage of the event. Additionally, you can also consider putting in a motion-activated alarm.

7. Add a Side and Doors

Finally, open-sided carports are just one option. You can also get carports that feature walls and doors. If you live in an area with a lot of crime, that may be something to consider. However, all of the above ideas can also certainly help to keep your stuff safe.