3 Key Applications for Built-In Wardrobes

For new homeowners, arranging the bedrooms is not often an easy task. You have to consider many things ranging from the right type of furniture to their positioning. This is where your design ideas come into play, and while you might not be an interior designer, a little bit of research should inform you that built-in wardrobes go a long way in solving most of the issues new homeowners face. Unlike traditional standalone wardrobes, built-in wardrobes are part of the overall home design; therefore, not an afterthought. Where is it appropriate to use built-in wardrobes? This article highlights circumstances when the wardrobe design is most applicable.

Irregular Rooms

In most new homes, you will rarely see the traditional four-walled bedroom. Homeowners are looking for uniquely designed rooms, and if that means choosing irregularly shaped bedroom designs, then so be it. However, with irregularly shaped rooms comes the headache of fitting in wardrobes that blend well with the overall design of your bedroom. While you can have a standalone wardrobe that is designed to meet the design requirements of your bedroom, such an approach would be a waste of resources. Instead, a built-in wardrobe is a better option because it is included as part of the design of your irregularly shaped bedroom. The advantage here is that the built-in wardrobe blends in well. Therefore, it does not ruin the look of your bedroom. 

Small Bedrooms

Nobody wants a bedroom that is cramped without enough space to store their belongings. However, if every homeowner had their way, then a lack of storage space would not be the most common complaint among homeowners. Therefore, interior designers have had to come up with design strategies to maximise bedroom space, no matter how small it is. This has led to the design and development of built-in wardrobes, which take up very little room space without compromising on storage space. It is possible because the wardrobe is sunk into the wall and the doors either slide sideways or open inwards. 

Maintain Aesthetic Uniformity

Room aesthetics is a critical factor when choosing the type of wardrobe to install in your bedroom. Ideally, you want a wardrobe whose wood matches the walls as well as the floor. Therefore, if you were to use veneer wall panels for your bedroom, it would be illogical to use the same material for your standalone wardrobes. This is because standalone wardrobes made from veneer panels do not last as long as solid wood. However, you do not have to worry about this with built-in wardrobes because the only parts of the closet that will be made from veneer panel are the doors. This will ensure you maintain your bedroom's aesthetics from the ceiling and walls to the floor.